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Author Topic: The Black Mirror 2  (Read 217 times)


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The Black Mirror 2
« on: January 27, 2017, 02:38:23 AM »

Well.....that was a waste of time.  The game picks up 12 years after the events of the last game and we get a time frame this time.  The last game happened in the 80s.  You play a young man on break from the University of Boston, spending his time in a little town with his ailing mother.  You've taken a crappy job at a photo studio ran by a really sleazy boss.  High points:  The graphics are improved and later in the game you get to revisit places you saw in the first game from different perspectives and improved graphics.  The first half of the game or so is a slow build, but was to me very interesting.  This phase of the game was more a Hardy Boys, Encylopedia brown sort of mystery.  I LIKED this part of the game very much.  Other positives include the game auto-saving right before you make an instant death move.  For those that don't save their games often enough, this was a nice feature.  Bad points: as the last game, the end game phase of this one also felt rushed.  The voice acting was of moderate talent, but the music swells at places and one particular character's voice gets drowned out frequently.  Turn the captions on for this one.  There are unlocks in this game that you never know about until you do it by accident.  I didn't find out until the last chapter by doing something completely by accident.  The unlocks don't affect the game, but for you completionists, this might drive you wild.  Most of the puzzles in this one were fair, but there were 2 that are interpretation based.  I had the right answer, but the game wanted it done in a certain way.  I had to look up a walkthru for both of these and was pretty pissed to find out I was right, just didn't do it in the way the designers wanted.  This one felt shorter than the last, but it might be more perception as I sat longer for each session I played of this one and the other I spaced out more.  Again, the journey was more fun than the conclusion and while I wouldn't pay full price, snag it on a .99 to 1.99 sale and it's moderately enjoyable.  Also, it explains a few holes in the plot of the prior game, but creates a few new ones and sets you up guessed it, The Black Mirror 3.