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Faculty Vote: Several educational opportunities are available away from Bayne. Please select 2.

Take Prince Taheri up on his offer and go on a teaching tour of East Africa.
- 0 (0%)
Clean up some of the mess Bayne Faculty Members left in Brazil.
- 0 (0%)
Just get away from it all and embark on a Grand Tour of Europe.
- 0 (0%)
Conveniently visit some other part of America where people aren't shooting at you.
- 0 (0%)
Stay at Bayne and make things work.
- 0 (0%)
none of the above - please post below
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Total Members Voted: 0

Voting closed: December 09, 2015, 08:27:36 AM

Author Topic: Season break and the next season  (Read 680 times)


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Season break and the next season
« on: November 07, 2015, 11:28:34 AM »

Currently, The Faculty Club is on a brief and well-needed break as our intrepid faculty members deal with the fall out from the season-ending carnage. Overseas visiting professorships, far away fieldwork trips and generally getting far away from Bayne is starting to look good. The question is, where are the faculty members going to go?
Same handle on Steam.