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Greetings and welcome to the home of our podcast. Of Steam, Steel and Murder is an actual play podcast that's been 'on air' for over 8 years now.

Our regular game is a FATE game of sleuthing and investigation in a steampunk inspired world, but over the years, we've played many other games as well.

We play over Skype and use various virtual-table-top software for the rolling of dice and the moving of miniatures when such things are needed.

We have both long time players that have been with us from the beginning, and new ones joining all the time.

If you are a listener and would like to play games with us, don't be bashful! Sign up on our public forums where we discuss upcoming games and look for players to fill them.

Software we've used on the podcast

Catch Your Hare - simple web based dice roller

Roll 20 - web based virtual table top (VTT) for dice and tokens

Fantasy Grounds 2 - commercial VTT with many bells and whistles

SKYPE - for connecting our players that live all over the world

Google Hangout - see above

Teamspeak - see above

Powergramo - commercial software used to record our episodes (works with Skype)

Skype Call Recorder - free software that does the above

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